Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Food safety meets the art of the perfect drink through technology.

CREM coffee equipment are designe to produce the highest quality coffee in an easy and safe manner, they are NSF compliant and offer peace of mind for food safety and sanitation.  Operating our superautomatics with sealed systems for the ingridients and lock avoids contact from anyone not authorize to the ingredients.  The smart system triggers an obligatory daily sanitation process for all internal parts that touch final product and helps as a reminder for the operator to follow external cleaning process. Our large touchscreens makes the  brewing a coffee a Single contact point process

Our traditional espresso equipment and grinders not only have the looks, but the design allows for Ease to clean in all surfaces.  This equipment is friendly for end users, and allows the Crew to provide the art of making a perfect drink away from all other users, while in a more confine enviroment from public risk to contaminate the final product.  The High temp water tap, not only works as a tool to make a delicious tea, but also as a tool to aid the sterilization of other items used in the process working at >205F with ease of programation of the temperature for the equipment.  The ease to use of their functions makes them low touch point to finish product
Sanitation Simplified

Enhanced Sanitation through Built In Features 

Sealed system

Daily Sanitation

Single Contact Point


Sealed systems 
Sealed system via locks on doors, containers, hopper lids prevents unwanted contact with virus.

Daily sanitation 
Daily milk system cleaning with acidic, surfactant cleaning solution for disinfection (not tested with Covid-19, but certified hygenic against other viruses such as E.coli and Salmonella). 

Single contact point
Single contact point for dispensing via tempered-glass touchscreen, makes frequent sanitizing quick and easy  with commonly available disinfectant agents. 

Traditional equipment:

easy to clean 
Durable, easy to clean exterior surfaces makes frequent sanitizing quick and easy  with commonly available disinfectant agents.

Machines are designed for coffee prep areas (portafilters, push buttons, touchscreens) to face the barista and away from the customer, which reduces opportunity for contamination.

high temp water 
Baristas can use hot water tap to sterilize cups, jugs, saucers, utensils, etc. prior to use, since water is >205F in the boiler.

Pulser Grinder:

Low touch point 
Fully touchless dispensing; just push the portafilter into place and it activates the dosing button..

Ease to clean 
Smooth, mainly flat and easy to clean exterior surfaces makes frequent sanitizing quick and easy with commonly available disinfectant agents. Sealed display and rubber push buttons can easily  withstand disinfectant spray or wipe with damp cloth.

Machines are designed for coffee prep areas, only face the barista and away from the customer, which reduces opportunity for contamination.

Easy to Clean

Crew Serve

High Temp Water

Enhanced Sanitation through Add On Features  

Teflon Coating
Teflon surface coating
Teflon surface coatings available for portafilters, steam wands, Turbo-Steamer wands for easy cleaning to create unfriendly environment for microbial growth.

Enhanced Sanitation through Best Practices  

Enhanced Sanitation through Quick Ship Program 

Crem Superautomatic and Grinders are available for immediate shipment via our network of stocking distributors. (US and Canada only)


Unity Daily Cleaning and Care

Unity Monthly Cleaning and Care

Unity Weekly Cleaning and Care


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